August 15 2016

Face The Darkness

Project Date: Mar 31, 2016
Skills: producer, vfx producer

The harsh and ultimately beautiful environment showcased in this commercial, as well as with the unstoppable force of the beast, forms the perfect counterpart to the velvet like foam and rich aromatic taste of Einstök Toastet Porter. After a quick concept and pre production phase (about 6 weeks) we went to Iceland for a 8 day location scouting and shooting.

Concept and technology
The concept was illustrated very early in 2D and 3D at the same time. We needed a first 3D concept, that was rigged with a basic setup and roughly animated using the references of our animatic. We used this for our ncam system on set to support the DOP. At the same time, a second unit photographed rocks and hills for photogrammetry purposes to create 3D assets for set dressing.

The commercial has 31 VFX shots. 18 of them include the creature and 5 are Full CG. The complete production time from concept to final are 9 months. Shot tracking and reviewing is done using ftrack. The VFX Team consists of 8 digital artists.yda