August 15 2016


Project Date: Nov 30, 2015
Skills: producer

VESCitipati is a 6,5-minute long, 3D-animated student short about a dinosaur within the final moments of its death, and the creature’s own personal struggle in it’s mind. The project was completed within 18 months of production in total.  The animation and visual effects lasted 12 month from concept to rendering. To make matters even more complicated, the project was conceived to be fully rendered in stereoscopic 3D from the start. The film in total contains over 300 individual FX simulations of all types, including liquids, fluids, particles, rigid bodies and hair simulations. Scheduling was done completely by spreadsheet. Dailies as well as milestone presentations was standard procedure.

The 3D scenes were divided into multiple render layers, which were again split into individual render elements, because the lighting and shading were completely revised in compositing on a regular basis. This sometimes resulted in 320+ render elements per shot (x2 due to stereo 3D) and more than 4,500 nodes within individual compositing scripts

Citipati Awards